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Archive for June, 2012

For valuation of companies that pay income taxes at the entity level the business appraisal needs to take this into account. In a vast majority of professional business valuations you are likely to see, the local (e.g. state) and national (e.g. federal) income taxes are combined into a composite income tax rate. In the US,… Continue Reading

Asset approach, also known as the cost approach, is one of the three major ways to value a business. Formally, this approach relies upon the economic principle of substitution: The business value equals the cost of recreating an enterprise of equal economic utility. The idea is that two businesses that generate the same economic benefits… Continue Reading

The key assumption behind the market comparable valuation methods is that the value of a business is revealed once you see what similar companies sell for. If a piece of business equipment has been sold in, say, the last six months for $350,000 then it is likely that we can get about the same if… Continue Reading