ValuAdder Business Valuation Blog

If you are considering doing a business valuation, prepare to face the inevitable: you will need to equip yourself with a business valuation software to do the job.

Business valuation on a Mac and PC is the new normal

Most business people and professionals are armed with an array of computing devices these days. Think the good old desktop, a slick laptop, not to mention the ubiquitous smart phones and tablets.

Serious projects such as business valuation call for serious computing platforms. To get through a business appraisal, you are likely to need either a Mac or a PC computer. But increasingly, people use both in their everyday work.

Here is a typical scenario: you spend quality time in the office working on your PC. Then, do some late night catch up on your Mac laptop at home. So it would be really nice if you could store your work products you created on the PC and then pick up right where you left off on the Mac.

Business valuation in the Cloud

Technology to the rescue: all you need to do is have access to a central storage in the Cloud. Create your documents on any computer, drop them on the Cloud. If you can get to this from either your office PC or Mac, all is well. Progress seamlessly through your business valuation projects, no matter the computer or location.

Familiar look and feel for your business valuation software

Now, your tools should let you focus on the job at hand. In the case of business valuation software, this means it must offer all the proverbial bells and whistles you expect – whether you spend time on your Mac or PC.

In other words your software should work in the way that fits the particular computer you are using: a Mac app should look and feel like a true Mac software, while the Windows version should behave like a piece of software that belongs on a PC.

Take a look at our ValuAdder business valuation software Tour. If you point your Safari browser on your Mac or IPhone at the Tour, you will be treated to the life-size screenshots that look and feel like a Mac app.

Now sit in front of your Windows PC and do the same. What you will see is a software that looks like a Windows app.

What’s more, your business valuation software should be functionally equivalent, whether you are working on your PC or Mac.

Top flight performance on tap

All too often SaaS Web apps throw a monkey wrench in the works. The network may be slow right when you are in a hurry. Or the vendor’s servers get overloaded and slow way down.

With the software apps like ValuAdder running directly on your Mac or PC, this is never a problem. The software runs at full speed each and every time you need it. You can plan your work and get it all done on time.

Cutting edge security for your Mac and PC

Unlike the questionable vendor’s servers, your Mac and PC based business valuation software is protected by the state of the art security technology supplied by Apple and Microsoft.

Digital code signing to protect your Mac or PC

For example, ValuAdder software is code signed by the Apple ID digital security certificate issued by Apple only to officially accepted software companies.

Apple notarization ensures your apps are malware-free

In addition, Apple now scans all software products and notarizes them as safe for your Mac if no computer threats are found. Your Mac sports the Gatekeeper technology to check each and every software app before installing it.

White listed by Microsoft

It’s the same story for your Windows PC. Microsoft white lists software apps and requires that they be code signed by an Extended Validation certificate. Again, this is checked by your Windows Smart Screen technology before the software installation is allowed to proceed.

Your lucky day: ValuAdder software is code signed, notarized by Apple, and white listed by Microsoft!