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If you are looking to have a business appraised hiring an appraiser is one of the ways to do it. As with any professional engagement the question of costs comes up rather quickly.

Not surprisingly, professionally prepared appraisals don’t come cheap; the average hourly rates these days are around $300. A well-done business appraisal takes about 20 hours or more. Do the math, and the price tag runs to $6,000 and up.

That’s not including any extra consulting time to present the business appraisal to partners, other professionals, prospective buyers, sellers or investors.

Instant business appraisals – too good to be true

What about those “instant” business appraisals for a few hundred dollars? Let the buyer beware: professional appraisal takes time. And time costs money. With a “minimum wage” business appraisal you quite literally get what you pay for.

So, can you get an accurate, defensible business appraisal and save?

Yes indeed! Given the right tools, you can do your business appraisal yourself – and save quite a bundle.

Most of the business appraisal cost is in the time the appraiser takes to do the work. And most of the time is spent understanding the business being valued.

Obviously, you can use your own knowledge of the business to cut down on time and costs. But what about the business valuation tools and knowledge?

A complete business valuation system

That’s where ValuAdder comes in. To make sure you can do your business appraisal yourself, ValuAdder gives you both the knowledge and tools to do it:

  1. Complete business valuation software system. You can use the same valuation methods the professional appraisers use to calculate your business value.
  2. A Learning and Information Center and 190-page Business Valuation Handbook. There is plenty of expert advice and guidance to get you through your business appraisal.

There is a Business Valuation Guide to introduce you to the fundamentals of business appraisal. Detailed Tutorials on valuation methods and helpful How-To Sections with examples. Every term is defined and explained in the Glossary.

To save you both time and money, ValuAdder is designed to simplify and speed up your business appraisal:

Latest word in valuation software reliability and accuracy

You may ask: how is all this possible? The short answer: state-of-the art technology and sound software engineering.

ValuAdder relies on the leading edge Java technology to give you a superior business valuation system – at a fraction of competitors’ costs:

Do your business valuation on any computer of your choice, in any currency

You can run ValuAdder on any Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Unix computer. ValuAdder naturally adapts to your computer preferences and settings – including multi-currency calculations.

Open Source technology saves you money

Java and Open Source lets us cut down dramatically on our development costs – and we pass the savings directly to you!

State of the art in security, reliability and accuracy

This technology also makes your ValuAdder an extremely stable, reliable and accurate business valuation software system.

Less support costs for us, better price for you!