ValuAdder Business Valuation Blog

Whether you are an experienced business appraiser or new to business valuation, you will find plenty of helpful tips and suggestions with ValuAdder.

The ValuAdder software comes with a full-featured Learning and Information Center integrated into the Help system. You can get a quick orientation on the business valuation process by simply clicking on the Overview from the main application window as you run your ValuAdder.

Business valuation guide is a major part of the Learning and Information Center. Here you will find a comprehensive overview of the business valuation process, approaches used, and help on how to make the choices of methods that work for you.

Whenever you create a new valuation method or deal structuring tool, you can get immediate help by clicking on the Learn More button in the tool selection window. This takes you directly to the method tutorial. You can review the fundamentals of the valuation technique before you start using it.

More comfortable with a book format? No problem. The entire contents of the Learning and Info Center are also available in a book format. You can extract the book as a PDF document right from the Help menu. Save the book on your computer to view the document or print any portion of the book for your use.

Much of business valuation is defining the terms used. ValuAdder resources contain an extensive Glossary where the terms you are likely to run into are defined and explained. Use the plain English explanations and examples to ramp up quickly on the key aspects of business valuation and start using the tools in your work.

In addition to the tutorials on each business valuation method available in ValuAdder, there are helpful how-to sections that offer you a concise description of how to use the tools. Use these sections as a reminder of what goes into each calculation or to make sure you have all the inputs available and ready for use.