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Another ValuAdder milestone completed – we have just released ValuAdder V3.5.7.

In addition to a number of performance enhancements, we have focused on the key step in your business valuation: financial statement reconstruction.

In valuing a business, the historic financial statements are a starting point. To get an accurate business valuation, you need to adjust your company financials, the process business appraisers call financial statement reconstruction.

To help you get through this important step, ValuAdder provides 3 worksheets, each used for the various business valuation methods:

The worksheets enable you to start with your company’s Income Statements and Balance Sheet, then consider and make the appropriate adjustments that represent the business earning power.

The worksheets are organized in a sequence of numbered pages, giving you the step-by-step instructions, pointing to the areas requiring your input, and automatically generating the values you can use to calculate your business valuation results with ValuAdder.

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