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Archive for July, 2009

If you take a peek at a typical business valuation report, one of the elements that appears prominently in a separate section is the date of the appraisal. In fact, professionally done business appraisals are only valid as of that date. Clearly, business valuation experts know that business value can change past the valuation date.… Continue Reading

If you are considering buying a small business or offering yours up for sale, the central questions are: What can the business sell for? How should I structure the price and terms of the deal? Valuing a business to estimate its selling price Not surprisingly, the business selling price is related to its value. Measuring… Continue Reading

Do you own a small pest control company? Perhaps plan to buy one? In either case, knowing what the business is worth is essential. Privately owned pest control firms, classified under the SIC code 7342 and NAICS 56171, are a common service business. Established companies in this industry, especially those with a track record of positive… Continue Reading

You will hear this bit of wisdom from business appraisers and brokers: small business financial statements need to be adjusted before they can be used in a business valuation. More mistakes are made in business appraisals due to incorrect earnings choices than for any other reason.  Most small businesses are managed to reduce taxes. Not… Continue Reading

If you are valuing a business and need to share your results with others, a professionally done business valuation report is a must. To be taken seriously, your business appraisal report needs to be thorough, transparent and follow a set of established guidelines other business people expect. We have just released the new Business Valuation… Continue Reading