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Continuing our discussion about valuation of software services companies, let’s focus on the market valuation approach. A central technique under this approach is the comparative transaction method. It is especially useful for valuing private software firms. In a nutshell, the method lets you determine the value of your software firm in comparison to similar companies that have… Continue Reading

If you own a private mailing business or need to appraise one for a client, here are some interesting statistics to consider: Mail box rental and shipping companies are classified under the SIC code 7389 and NAICS 561. This business services sector has just under 1,500,000 firms that generate over $301B in annual revenues. The… Continue Reading

Do you own a lanscaping services company? Need to determine the value of your own business or prepare an appraisal for a client? Here are some interesting industry statistics to consider: Key landscaping industry statistics Classified under SIC code 0781 and NAICS 56173, there are over 93,680 landscaping planning, design and counseling establishments in the US alone. The industry as… Continue Reading

If you own a software firm, plan to start one or acquire an existing company, here are some interesting facts to consider: The two main segments of the software industry are custom software services and pre-packaged products. Software development services firms Classified under the SIC code 7371 and NAICS 541511, the firms in the software… Continue Reading

Classified under the SIC code 8011, the primary care physician practices are part of a large professional health practitioners service industry. In fact, there are over 373,000 medical practices in the US alone. The industry as a whole generates some $202B in annual revenues, and employs over 3,000,000 professional and office staff. However, a typical… Continue Reading

Do you own a small pest control company? Perhaps plan to buy one? In either case, knowing what the business is worth is essential. Privately owned pest control firms, classified under the SIC code 7342 and NAICS 56171, are a common service business. Established companies in this industry, especially those with a track record of positive… Continue Reading

Classified under the SIC 5719 code and NAICS 337133, home furnishings stores are a major segment of the retail industry. If you need to value such a business, you have a choice of well-known methods to get the job done. Perhaps the best known approach to valuing a home furnishings company is by comparison to… Continue Reading

Catering companies make up a major segment of the food and drink industry. They fall under the SIC 5812 and NAICS 72232 industrial classification..  Successful catering businesses sell quite often. So if you need to determine the fair market value of your company, you should have plenty of market evidence. In fact, valuation multiples derived from… Continue Reading

The number of business valuations involving private law practices has grown steadily in recent years. The two main types of situations calling for a law firm appraisal are these: Transactional such as the law practice sale, merger or spin-off. Legal controversy. The most common reason is divorce followed by partner disputes. Given the rising volume of law firm valuations you… Continue Reading