ValuAdder Business Valuation Blog

Is there a project you can take on without the threat of infection? Yes indeed! Catch up on your business valuations in the comfort and safety of your home or office.

Do your business valuation – and avoid the crowds

Get your business valuation software on your laptop or desktop computer, sit back, do some thinking, gather the info together on your subject company. And you can do all this without setting a foot outside and venturing into crowded places.

Business valuation does not require that you attend meetings in person either. Talking with clients, partners or gathering info on the current market conditions – all can be done either on the Web or by phone.

Share your valuation work products remotely

You can share your business valuation work products remotely as well. Just create ValuAdder reports and share them with clients or colleagues as PDF documents via email or on the Web as downloads.

Have the reports reviewed and commented on. Then continue your business valuation work without leaving your office or home.

Perfect time for business valuation projects

In fact, catching up on your business valuation projects you set aside earlier is a perfect place to start a business week. And avoid feeling isolated or constrained in any way. Hence, business valuation, quite literally, can all be done using the modern technology to socially distance in complete safety.

Your computers are safe from viruses too

Better yet, ValuAdder software products keep your computers safe from viruses as well. Importantly, we digitally code signed all software products to ensure your PC or Mac are safe. For added peace of mind, ValuAdder software is white listed by Microsoft as well as independently scanned and notarized by Apple to make sure no virus threats exist.

So roll up the sleeves, do some serious business valuation work and stay safe in the meantime.

Sure beats braving the crowds!